What’s That Thing?

I get asked this question a lot, “what’s that thing you’re wearing?” It’s usually followed by “why are you wearing that?” I always feel like the answer should be obvious, I mean, look at me! My hands are free!! I can chase my other two kiddos and have both hands to snatch them up (or break them up) as necessary! I can give my two and three year old snuggles while giving my infant the constant contact she needs. I can make meals for my older kids and keep my house in relatively decent condition, all while nursing my baby. In other words, I can survive as a parent!!!

When I was a first time mom to Lilah, my fussy fusserton baby, babywearing enabled me to calm my child, which was a challenging feat. It wasn’t just about convenience, it was about not feeling like a failure. When Lilah was 16 months old and Miles was a newborn, I found myself with two under a year and a half, meaning two that don’t really walk. Again, babywearing came to my rescue and helped me tend to the needs of two. Now as a parent of three children three and under, babywearing is my only means of functioning.

So despite how it looks, it’s not all about looking cool (although it is a little bit 😉 Babywearing is about making parenting manageable. It’s a strategy for survival, and on a good/rare day, success. My goal as a babywearing educator is to arm other parents with the same tools and to help parents access information to use the babywearing tool in a safe way. Babywearing can easily be seen as a fashion statement, but I liken it to using a carseat, as it needs to be executed properly in order to be effective.

So what is that thing? It’s my woven wrap.  It’s my baby’s blanket. It’s my sanity.

And I hope that I can help you enjoy babywearing too!


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