What’s Wrappening?

Last week I had the pleasure of holding our first ever Babywearing International of Kansas City meeting and babywearing informational. Of course it was a great success! We ended up with such an enjoyable group of people at the meeting, from the daughter of my high school math teacher (small world, huh?) to the persistent father that succeeded in getting his baby on his back! (I don’t know why, but seeing dads wrapping literally makes me happier than anything on this planet!)

I enjoyed getting to know such a lovely group of people, and was surprised that there were so many attendees that were interested in the woven wrap. We had many successes with the woven wrap last Thursday night and was especially impressed by our mommy/daddy rucksack team and the good sport that came in with a ring sling and ended up getting her newborn on her back! Although I was not expecting it, there was a huge response to the woven wrap, so as a result, our next class will be dedicated to this wonderful, versatile, somewhat high maintenance, and often frustrating piece of cloth. The entire next meeting/discussion topic will be devoted to wrapping basics, and we’ll have a chance to talk about what we’re looking for in a woven wrap and how to find the one (or many) that’s best for you.

Picking a woven wrap is often like dating to me. I spend months obsessing over this one, amazing wrap. Finally I take the plunge and get it. I stalk the mail like a crazy person, and finally the day comes and my package arrives. I take one look at it and descend into disappointment. You looked so much better/thinner/softer in your photos. Sorry, you’re just not the right color for me. It’s me not you. If you truly love something, set it free. And off it goes to a new home where it may or may not get some lovin. Or sometimes I get the wrap and love it off the bat, but over a short period of time my interest wanes. It was only infatuation, not the real deal. So off it goes. There are also times when a wrap comes to me and it’s true love from the start, but then my baby changes and the wrap just doesn’t work for us like it used to. And it feels like plucking a nose hair how much it hurts to send that wrap packing.

Many of us long time wrappers have a very strong relationship with the For Sale or Trade boards just because of how complicated it can be to find the PERFECT wrap for us and our babies. There are some local options at least, for going through this carrier dating process, kind of like speed dating. The babywearing meetup/playgroup that takes place on the 3rd Tuesday of every month in midtown is a great opportunity for those who have been bitten by the wrapping bug to try out a variety of wraps and figure out what qualities you are after. The purpose of this group is to give people an opportunity to network with other babywearing parents, but also to try out a large variety of carriers! So if you’re tired of browsing the FSOT boards without being able to put your hands on a wrap and try it out yourself, stop by the babywearing meetup! Let your kiddos play while you try out some wraps and other carriers!!

We will reconvene next month on the evening of Thursday September 1 at Happybottomus to get more in depth about wrapping. We’ll discuss what we’re looking for in a woven wrap, talk about the various lengths, basic safety, and learn some basic carries! And if you feel like speed dating with some carriers in the mean time, I hope you can join us for the babywearing meetup on the 3rd Tuesday of the month! Check out our Facebook page for details!


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