“But what’s the BEST brand??”

This is what I found myself asking seasoned wrappers when I was on the hunt for my first woven. I kept getting the response to just look for a colorway that I loved and not to worry about the brand. Well that was NOT what I wanted to hear, I just knew that there had to be one magical BEST woven wrap to start with, and that’s the one I wanted!

Well I finally realized that the reason people give you that answer is because there really isn’t just one magical first wrap to be found. Everyone likes different qualities in different wraps, which means that everyone really does have a different “perfect” wrap. So as much as I wanted someone to just tell me which wrap to buy, I finally realized that I had to discover that for myself…which is when the real fun began!

I actually ended up buying two “first” wraps–they arrived on the same day, and I had never been more excited to see my mailman! I immediately tore them out of their packages, and while I was in awe of their beauty, I was a little disappointed that they weren’t as soft and cozy as I had imagined. But I knew that I would have to work on breaking them in since I bought them both brand new, so I didn’t let that get me down.

I started *trying* to wrap right away, and I quickly discovered that I liked one way better than the other. That was hard for me to accept at first, because the one that wasn’t working out so well was SO beautiful, I really didn’t want to let it go. But I sucked it up and sent it packing, and then I was able to use the money from selling it to fund another one!

At that point, I had definitely opened Pandora’s box. After trying just two wraps and seeing how completely different they were from one another, I wanted to try EVERY brand until I really did find my perfect wrap. It was so much fun buying and selling, even when something came through my door that I didn’t love, at least I didn’t have to wonder about that particular brand anymore, and I felt good knowing that someone else in the babywearing world would probably love it!

Throughout this process, I eventually did find my perfect wrap (or maybe my 2 or 3 perfect wraps…), and I will never part with those. I now know exactly what to look for in a wrap, even though what I look for might be completely different than what you end up looking for. And that’s the great thing about having access to BWI of Kansas City–every time you attend a meetup, you’ll have tons of different wraps at your fingertips, so you won’t even have to wait for the mailman to try something!


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