Greetings from the KC Northland

Hi *waves* I’m Rae,

and I host the Northland BWI of Kansas City meetings :).

Just thought I would give a brief introduction so you all can get to know me better.  I’ve been married for almost 8 yrs and have 4 little boys that I love staying at home with.

I tried babywearing with my firstborn when he was a newborn, but thankfully he hated it then (it was a two shouldered bag sling, and bag slings are now known to be dangerous) .  I’m so thankful that organizations like BWI are available now to teach  babywearing safety for new parents and care givers to help protect babies from unsafe wearing.  And even more to teach the joys of safe and comfortable babywearing!

When my first was around  6 months old I found a ring sling.. and suddenly things ‘clicked,’ so long as I was in motion he loved hip carries and so did I!  Grocery shopping and attending functions away from home got much easier with him in a sling.

I wore my first until he was about 18 months (and I was a few months into my next pregnancy) in ring slings and loved it when we were out and about :).  With my 2nd it was a similar story we used our ring slings a LOT while we were out and about, he was a heavy baby and would have been hard to manage without my slings, I wore him till he was almost 2 yrs old.  When I was expecting our third I began to find it difficult to wear my 2nd and that’s when I researched back carriers.. we got our first mei tai.  Which helped me with my clingy big boy throughout the pregnancy.  By the time I had my third baby I not only had my ring slings, an mei tais, but I now also had a stretchy wrap and diy fleece wrap for the new baby.  Suddenly the world of babywearing opened much wider.. wrapping became ‘our thing’ and I wrapped my third most of the time.  It was such a blessing with him as he was a very clingy baby, I wore him just as much at home as I did away from home some days!  I gave up wearing him at just over 2 yrs old (and 30lbs) and was expecting our 4th by then.

And now I have my 4th baby, and couldn’t imagine parenting without my carriers.  I primarily use wraps with this baby, but also reach for my mei tais at times.  And still have a lonely ring sling tucked away if I want/need it as well.   Most days we babywear multiple times a day at home and away, with a few off days of little to no wearing mixed in as well.  And as you can see from the below photo we both love it :)!


The Northland meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of the month and I hope to share the joy of babywearing with many of you!

I’ll be back to share more about how babywearing is not only a joy, nap saver, sanity preserver, and a wonderful bonding experience (yes it really is all that!).. but in my life it has become a necessity due to my poor health/unstable joints and has enabled me to continue safely caring for my baby in the midst of a potentially disabling diagnosis!

Until next time keep those little ones close and safe!

~Rae Gaeddert (Northland BWI)