Babywearing can enable disabled people..

Babywearing can enable disabled people, to still care for there babies and small children, when at times they may not have been able to carry their babies or toddlers in arms due to the parent’s health.

Whether you are actually disabled physically, missing a limb, or have a medical condition that limits your physical health, or even if you just have a bad back, hip, picky shoulders etc. Don’t rule out babywearing because of your health, but rather consider how it may in fact ENABLE you to care for your child DESPITE your health problems!

Hi *waves* this is Rae (VBE in training) again,
As promised I am back with a post to share about how babywearing has been such a blessing to me personally. I have a medical condition called “Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome” (for a quick idea of what EDS is check this link), anyway it causes me difficulty and pain with my joints and as such without babywearing I cannot hold my babies/toddlers for very long without a lot of pain. BUT here’s where the awesome part comes in, with babywearing I can shift my baby’s weight from being primarily on my joints to instead being centered to the core of my body, which makes them feel much lighter and takes the strain off my joints. With a properly fitted baby carrier I am truly enabled to care for my baby AND my older kids at the same time, and house work, errands and all become much easier.

So if you have a health limitation of some sort, please don’t hesitate to ask us if babywearing will work for you, most times it will be of great help. There are many different styles of carriers that allow you to safely carry your little ones close, some work better for various health conditions then others. And woven wraparound slings (my favorite) have many ways to tie them that can distribute the weight on or off different areas of your body as needed. Most times a two shouldered carrier is going to be the most supportive option for someone who may have picky shoulders, or health problems that limit their comfort in various positions.

Here’s a couple of snapshots of 2 wrap carries that I particularly love for how they distribute the babies weight evenly to the core of my body:

The Double Hammock (or Chunei) back carry :

back view


front view


As you can see the Double Hammock carry wraps all the way around the parent/care giver’s body and distributes the weight easily to the core of their body, very little weight is on the shoulders most of it is truly snug to the core of your body. Very supportive carry, especially great as babies/toddlers get bigger, but even great with the littles too 🙂 (the baby pictured is about 5 months old).

And of course the Front Wrap Cross Carry is another excellent carry for pulling your baby in snug to the core of your body:

I only have a front view of this carry right now, but it also has a cross on the wearer’s back (baby pictured is 2.5 months old):


Until next time keep those little ones close and safe!

~Rae Gaeddert (VBE in training)


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