Uzazi Village, for Every Baby, A Healthy Village

We are in the final days of our carrier drive for Uzazi Village. A huge THANK YOU to those of you who have donated! We will be delivering the carriers next week, and I’m so happy to have so many to bring. Good news, we have extended the carrier drive to the end of International Babywearing Week! That gives you 2 more live events to bring your carrier donations!! We really believe in Uzazi’s vision, and we are so happy to be able to work with them in this fashion. Hopefully this is the beginning of more projects together promoting babywearing in the urban core! To tell you more about this beautiful organization here is a post from Jakini Men Ab, Uzazi Village RN.


Uzazi Village serves women in the urban core, promoting healthier pregnancies, leading to healthier mamas and babies.  Uzazi is a Swahili word, meaning, “birth”.  Our vision is:

For every mother, a healthy baby

For every baby, a healthy village

At Uzazi Village, we understand that the health of any individual is impacted by the  village that surrounds them.  We want to surround our mamas with the best of ancient mothering wisdom as well as the latest evidence-based care.

Babywearing is an ancient tradition, practiced by many cultures around the globe.  While baby wearing has become a lost art in Kansas City’s urban core, we want to restore this and other Afrocentric traditions and practices to build holistically sustainable self-heath practices into our community.  Uzazi Village is very excited to be receiving a donation of baby slings and wraps from the local KC Chapter of Babywearing International (BWI).

As advocates and providers of breastfeeding services, support and education, Uzazi Village is overjoyed to incorporate babywearing education into our village practice.  We are eager to share how baby wearing not only promotes child development and family bonding, but is very beneficial for breastfeeding!  Our families will learn that breastfeeding in baby slings and wraps helps increase breastfeeding duration and reading baby hunger cues.  Babywearing will help mamas who want to be more discrete with breastfeeding feel more confident. It will help busy mamas breastfeed while doing daily activities.  Many of us at Uzazi Village have been devoted babywearing mamas for years. We would love to see fewer of our mamas lugging their babies around in ‘buckets’.  Our motto here is that ‘Car seats are for cars, babies are for wearing’.

Uzazi Village’s mission is to increase maternal and infant health equity in the urban core and we are grateful for BWIs support with the Baby Wrap Drive.


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