Member profiles: Amanda

We’ve asked some of our local members to share what they love about babywearing and our local community:  Amanda can often be found at our Overland Park meetings.


How many kids do you have and how old are they?

     One child: Rocklan, 14 months

How did you discover babywearing and BWI and how old was/were your child(ren) when you became active in the community?

     When I was pregnant, I remember seeing carriers (although they were mostly Baby Bjorns and Ergos and a couple other SSCs since those are what seem to be so mainstream) and I was incredibly interested in it. I received a Baby K’Tan from a friend at my baby shower and I eventually picked up a Bjorn and a pouch carrier from a consignment sale. At that consignment sale I had seen a mama put her baby up on her back and started to wrap her on there but I had no idea what she was doing. I was debating between it being really cool or that mom was crazy. Well I ran into her inside and asked her about it and that’s how I met Michelle (one of the VBEs) and she told me all about BWI and I came to the next meeting that I could;  I’ve come every month since Rocklan was about 4-5 months old.

Who attends BWI meetings with you?

     My fiance comes to meetings with me whenever he can! He enjoys them just as much as I do!


In what ways do you feel like babywearing has transformed your relationship with your immediate family?

     Babywearing brings us all closer (as daddy is a wearer too!) and it helps us get so much more done. I think it helps us work better as a team, especially when it comes to things like cleaning and shopping; one of us can wrap the baby up and we can get what needs to be done without having to stress about the baby getting into things or making messes or running off. It also helps that the baby is a cuddler and loves his “ups”.

What are your favorite things about babywearing?

     My favorite parts of babywearing (besides all the pretty wraps) are that I can hold my baby and be close to him without being stranded on the couch if he falls asleep. I love that I can keep him close to me without having to surrender to every thing else in life.

What is your favorite thing about being a BWI member and coming to meetings?

     My favorite part about coming to the meetings is getting to know all the other mamas who share a common interest with me. I also love learning from them; I still feel relatively new to wrapping and don’t know very many carries. I love how experienced and helpful everyone is.

What is your favorite carrier type and what is on your babywearing bucket list?

     I love love love wraps but lately I’ve found myself reaching for our Baby SaBye mei tai, which is the hubby’s. It’s much faster and easier to tighten since our little guy just started walking and wants to explore everything.  As for the bucket list, I WILL MASTER THE DOUBLE HAMMOCK!


If you would like more information about meetings, membership, or BWI of KC in general, join our Facebook page.  If you would like to have your “profile” featured on our blog to share the reasons you love babywearing and our community, please email us at

Carrie Agnew, VBE and Vice President of BWIKC



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