Member Profiles: Christia

We’ve asked some of our local members to share what they love about babywearing and our local community.  When her schedule allows, Christia can be found at Lee’s Summit or Midtown meetings.

Christia family

How many kids do you have and how old are they?

  4 kids:  Julian is 8, Gabriel 6, Owen 3 and Emilia is 1!

How did you discover babywearing and BWI and how old was/were your child(ren) when you became active in the community?

     I started with a Baby Bjorn with my first and slowly evolved from there. My second had a Moby and Ergo. I learned about BWI when I moved to the kc area from Iowa. I’ve only been a member for less than a year now.

Christia Obi

In what ways do you feel like babywearing has transformed your relationship with your immediate family?

     Babywearing makes life possible here. My husband works a lot and super random hours. I truly never knew when he will or won’t be home. Without the ability to keep my baby happy, and say, clean the house or cook dinner or help with homework, everything would fall apart.

What are your favorite things about babywearing?

     Snuggles aside? I love that I can multitask.

What is your favorite thing about being a BWI member and coming to meetings?

     I love the meetings when I can attend. I was taught the ruck my first meeting which made my summer so much more bearable!! Having someone there to troubleshoot with me, and tell me exactly why it was or wasn’t working is invaluable.

Christia ergo

Who attends meetings with you?

     Usually just Emilia. Sometimes the whole crew. My visits are typically short when they all come.

What is your favorite carrier type and what is on your babywearing bucket list?

     Lately I’m loving my toddler Tula. So quick, easy and comfortable for everyone. I also love my ring sling. Bucket list…jeesh I don’t know! I would love to try a full wrap conversion Tula.

If you would like more information about meetings, membership, or BWI of KC in general, join our Facebook page.  If you would like to have your “profile” featured on our blog to share the reasons you love babywearing and our community, please email us at

Carrie Agnew, VBE and Vice President of BWIKC



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