Lending Library Policy

Lending Library Requirements and Guidelines

  • Must be a current BWI of KC member
  • Must receive hands on instruction on carrier use before check out
  • Loan is for one month maximum
  • DO NOT wash carrier (carrier will be laundered by BWI of KC staff according to manufacturer/warranty guidelines and specifications)
  • You are responsible for damages incurred while carriers is in your care
  • DO NOT smoke in carrier, wear carrier around smokers, allow pets access to carrier
  • There will be no check-outs in January due to annual library inventory and deep cleaning.

Late Returns/Late Fees/Damages

  • Carriers are due in the first 30 minutes of the meeting so that returning carriers may be inspected and have availability for all meeting attendees.
  • If you are unable to return your carrier on time, please make arrangements to return the carrier to an educator BEFORE the meeting so that the carrier can be cycled back into the library.
  • We recognize that unforeseen circumstances do arise and people are unable to attend meetings, but a late return means the carrier is not available for others to try or borrow, and that becomes a serious problem for our group.  If you cannot return the carrier on its due date, you are responsible for contacting and delivering it to an educator or returning to Itsy Bitsy Bums during store hours within a timely manner
  • There will be an initial $5 late fee for any carrier not returned before 30 minutes into the meeting at which it is due, then $1 per day for each day late thereafter.  Late fees are not rent and do not entitle you to keep the carrier past the due date
  • Late fees will need to be paid in full before another carrier can be checked out. Failure to pay late fees will result in termination of access to lending library
  • Failure to respond to contact regarding late carrier within two weeks will result in an invoice for the cost of the carrier, as the carrier will then be assumed stolen
  • You will be invoiced for the cost of the carrier if returned damaged
  • Failure to return a lending library carrier or sending payment for a carrier within 30 days past due will result in a police report filed for stolen goods